Brett Luckabaugh

Are you looking for NewAge 3?

Mission Statement
Our goal is to provide quality online, easily accessible gaming that players all over the world can enjoy.

Wolf Software was developed in 1999 by Brett Luckabaugh. After many years the corporation has expanded by creating huge projects. One of those projects is NewAge.
NewAge is a FREE online-text based game with over 15,000 members. The game's community is very active either in IRC chatrooms or the game's message boards.
WolfzGaming is a massive gaming topsite. With over 1,000 online gaming titles it's hard to not find the game you want to vote for!
You can learn more about each project on the projects section.

Wolf Software offers professional services such as web designing or web programming. Some of the projects designed include a text and graphical-based RPG game, message board system, non-java chat rooms, voting scripts, and much more! If your buisness is looking on ways to improve your site then you should look no further! Please view the services area for ways Wolf Software can improve your site.